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Vertical Systems

Fall arrest & restraint protection

Vertical Fixed Rail Systems

Fall protection systems to allow safe vertical access are typically required on access ladders, telecoms/utilities masts/antennae, industrial buildings and static cranes. Eiger will find the correct solution depending on the application and the scenario. These solutions may be permanent or temporary, independent or an integral part of the structure.

Vertical Cable Based Systems

Cable based systems

The LadderLatch system from Latchway provides continuous safety, allowing operatives free use of both hands when using a fixed ladder. Should a fall occur, the LadderLatch immediately locks onto the cable, arresting the fall. This is much safer than a system of hoops which may prevent a backward fall but can themselves cause injuries. The simple design means that it can follow the contours of the structure and can be retrofitted if required.

Fixed rail systems

Fallguard from Metreel is a vertical rail system that can be fitted to new or existing ladders. The operative hooks onto a lightweight travelling carriage which moves freely to allow climbing with both hands, but locks immediately in the event of a fall or the climber resting.

Fallguard can be supplied in carbon steel, hot dipped galvanised or grade 304 stainless steel.


Where aesthetics are a concern, Invisrung incorporates fold-away rungs which are not normally visible but fold out and lock into place to allow access. An anticlimb cover prevents unauthorised access.

Towerlatch vertical cable system on electricity tower
Towerlatch vertical cable system on electricity tower

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  • Removing anti climb cover
  • Invisirung ladder folded
  • Anti climb cover in place
  • Fallguard rail fixed to ladder
  • Fallguard ladder in use
  • Fallguard ladder in use

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