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Dead Weight Systems

Weightanka can be used on roofs of up to 5 degrees pitch to ensure safe access in the absence of guardrails or permanent anchors.

It provides fall arrest protection for one user or restraint for two users where fixed harnesses ensure that they cannot approach within 500m of the roof edge or other opening.

This new concept in deadweight anchors raises the height at which the arrest force is applied, so reducing the distance that the anchor device moves during a fall arrest. Weightanka is the first Class ‘E’ anchor device to be approved for use on all roof surfaces when wet and also for use downhill on metal-clad roofs.

(CE approved to the PPE Directive and ISO 14567) Designed and Tested to EN795:1996 and BS7883:2005 (inc Amendment No. 2)

Freestanding constant force post system
Freestanding constant force post system

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