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Horizontal Systems

Fall arrest & restraint protection

Latchway system in use
Latchway system fixed to pedestal posts

Cable-based systems

Eiger is an approved installer of the Latchway Mansafe, the market leading system in fall protection. This incorporates a Constant Force post that limits the load placed on the roof structure or other substrate and allows the system to be top fixed. They can be fixed to profile metal sheeting roofs and standing seam as approved by many of the leading roof manufacturers.

The system can be fitted to most structures and roofing systems, following the contours of the building by going round corners and up and down inclines. It can be designed for up to 5 operatives to be connected at any one time.

Rigid rail systems

In an overhead track system the traveller moves inside a channel, while in a rail system it moves outside a solid section. These are often preferred for curved applications, abseiling systems or where aesthetics demand incorporation of the fall protection into the building design. Each system requires a bespoke design.

Systems conform to BS EN 795

Latchway system in use
Latchway system in use

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