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Abseiling Anchors

abseiling anchors are installed in accordance with the recommendations set out in BS Code of Practice 7985:2002 conforming to BS EN795. They are installed generally at roof level. They must only be fixed into a suitable load-bearing element of the building. This excludes brickwork parapets, infill panels and areas below windows or within 280mm of an edge in brickwork or 150mm in concrete.

They are fixed in pairs to allow the abseiler to connect his working and safety back-up ropes. They can be fixed in almost any situation to allow abseiling companies safe access to the elevations of a building.


Where installations of abseiling anchors are not possible we can supply and install a freestanding AccessAnka. This is a weighted anchor that sits directly on the roof surface and has an ‘A’ frame attached for ease of working.

Testing & Maintenance

By law, single point abseiling anchors must be tested to 6kN and inspected and certified a minimum of once every 6 months by a suitably qualified person.


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  • Abseiling anchor point
  • Abseiling anchor points with rope and Karibiners attached
  • Abseiling anchor points with rope and Karibiners attached

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