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Bird Proofing

Preventing access, damage and disfiguraton by birds attracted to tall buildings is important in any environment. The solution depends on the building and the species which are causing the problem. Eiger Safety will advise, install and maintain the most appropriate system for your needs.

Eiger Bird Netting

Netting is the most popular way of excluding pest birds. Bird netting is often the most cost effective solution because one net can be used to protect many perching places. Netting is available in a variety of colours, black, stone and translucent to suit the building being protected.

Eiger Spike Systems – pigeons, crows and gulls

We offer a wide selection of spike designs and styles for use on ledges, signs, ridges, beams, pipes and parapets where netting may not be appropriate. Spike systems are very effective against pigeons and crows but are not recommended for sparrows or starlings. Special spike systems are available for gulls.

Eiger Post & Wire Systems – pigeons and gulls

A system of spring-loaded wires supported between stainless steel posts is effective on ledges, signs, ridges, beams, pipes and parapets against pigeons and gulls where low visual impact is required. This system is not effective against starlings or sparrows. Recent installations include the Dorchester Hotel London.


Birds often hide while the netting is being installed only to reappear trapped when the job is finished causing much public concern. Bird-Scape is an ingenious and humane device that eliminates the risk of both large and small birds being trapped behind netting by providing a one way escape route for birds. Birds can fly out through the Bird-Scape, but cannot return.

Bird proof netting
Bird proof netting

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